Building Wealth with Intelligence

Our success is based on building personal wealth through hard work and residual income. Not only do you get paid on new accounts within 24 hours (on submission not approval), you will continue to get paid on that policy as long as the account is active and premiums are paid. Unlike other sales jobs, the opportunity for residual income means that you will never have to start your month from zero here at McGlone Insurance Group. Every month you get a check for the work you’ve done in the past. The longer you stay, the bigger your pay!

Residual income is a powerful concept that will change the rest of your life. It has changed my life and the life of many others in my company. Our job demands that we work hard, but the reward makes it all worth it. In fact, once you fully understand the potential of earning residual income, your entire life will change. If you want to get paid what you think you are worth and not what someone else says you are worth then you must take this opportunity seriously!

Now, my life is devoted to helping others achieve their dreams. Daily my efforts are spent helping agents plan and take action on realizing what they may have otherwise thought was impossible. They learn to believe that success and wealth is still possible if they work hard, following our proven system. Just like mine, I have seen countless agent lives and the lives of their love ones change beyond what they could have ever imagined!